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At Clique 180 our hope is that today you have a personal encounter with the love of God and an experience with people who care.  Join Us on Facebook

SNL - Sabbath Night Live 
This program occurs each Saturday of the month from 5:30 - 6:30 P.M. 
It is open to all Junior High and High School aged youth (ages 12 - 18 years)

1st Saturday of the Month - Vespers Night
Guest speaker, praises, and worship.  Come for the great fellowship

2nd Saturday of the Month - Open Form
an open dialogue where youth can talk freely about deep questions and respond to the topic in a judgment-free environment.

3rd Saturday of the Month - Total Scripture
Learn how to study the Bible.  We explore the book of the Bible by asking the "Who, What, Where, When, Why and How" of the Good Book.

4th Saturday of the Month - Engage Night
We come together to fellowship in games or other fun activities.  That could be bowling, basketball, football, movie night, etc.  We believe that in everything we do we should bring God Glory

Who We Are
We strive to be a community on a mission.  We believe we are being transformed by God in every way.  We would love the opportunity to meet you and pray with you.   We know that walking into a church, better yet meeting new people can be a little intimidating.  We truly strive to be a church and youth group that meets people where they are, even if you've been following Jesus for a while or just interested in knowing more about Him. 
Shelby West and Larry Holliman 
Youth Leaders